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Health Check Score Salesforce

Our Best Practices

We keep ourselves updated with Salesforce audit best practices so that we can give you a detailed report of all the components that are in your organization’s Salesforce. 

From checking your Metadata to your Salesforce security, our easily navigable interface not only highlights your problems, but also provides you with doable solutions.

Salesforce Health Check

Achieve a Cleaner Salesforce Environment

We list down all the redundant codes, metadata as well as deactivated components in a graphical, easy to understand format. We do this clean-up, entirely free of cost, so that you have a cleaner Salesforce!


What is Covered under a Salesforce Health Audit?

Clean.Do is a Salesforce Health Check tool that displays the results of your Salesforce audit for your metadata, code, security, and errors.

Metadata Audit

We check all objects, fields, workflows, process builder, validation rules etc to find any areas of improvement.

Code Audit

We check 50 different parameters in code including best practices, code style, design, performance, security etc.

Security Audit

We do a health check of all users, profiles, permission sets and other major security updates recommended by Salesforce.

Get your Salesforce Health Check Best Practices Snapshot in minutes

Salesforce Health Check Best Practices provide a detailed report of all the components currently in the system and list them in various sections. User can easily navigate between the section and access all details.

We check all metadata in your environment including code and provide list of  errors/warnings in the system with the solutions.

Salesforce Health Check Best Practices
Salesforce Health Check

Get a cleaner environment

Health Check Score Salesforce list down all the metadata not in use currently and can be possibly deleted. We also list down any deactivated components which can be cleaned up as well. 

We also check all code and provide any redundant code or bad code quality in the system.


Health Check Score Salesforce audit metadata, code, security, errors of your

Health Check Score Salesforce
Health Check Score Salesforce
Health Check Score Salesforce
Health Check Score Salesforce
Health Check Score Salesforce

"By far this is the best tool I have got for checking my Salesforce instance. I highly recommend it!"

Simon Lobamov, Maple Advance

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