Salesforce Checkup Features

Metadata Audit, Code Audit, Security and other important details at a glance with easy-to-use design

Metadata Audit

Audit your metadata like objects, fields and other important data which might not be useful anymore. Quickly find issues related to them.

Code Audit

Code Audit allows you to audit your environment’s code analysis with standard rules which are enforced by Salesforce and are followed by people around the community.

Security Audit & Analysis

Audit your environment’s security issues or potential security threats that could lead to breach of your important data from your organization.  

Dedicated Errors Section

A dedicated errors’ section where you can see list of issues in your environment and remove them to minimize risks and improve performance of your organization.

Easy To Understand 

Highlights of your environments are represented in an easy-to-read way so that you can understand in a better way. 

The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need

The only checkup tool which you need to manage your Salesforce’s instance

Easy to understand

Easily understand the report and make changes accordingly. You don’t need to spend much time in understanding it.

Graph like representation

Important data is represented in graph to get a better understanding of it and you can also save time with it.

Completely web based

No need to install any software. Run every thing on the internet which means you don’t need to download anything. 


Get detailed report of your instance in few minutes to get better understanding of your org.


Salesforce checkup is a secure tool to get your instance scanned without any risk. 


Salesforce checkup is free to use and gives accurate result so you can rely on the tool.

"By far this is the best tool I have got for checking my Salesforce instance. I highly recommend it!"

Simon Lobamov, Maple Advance

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