Clean.Do Salesforce Health Check Features

Get your Metadata, Codes, Security, and other important details in a glance!

Salesforce Metadata Audit

Audit your Salesforce metadata like objects, fields and other important data which are redundant and get solutions to fix them.

Salesforce Metadata Audit
Salesforce Code Audit

Salesforce Code Audit

Salesforce Code Audit allows you to review your environment’s code analysis with standard rules enforced by SalesForce, trends, and best practices.

Security Audit & Analysis

Regular Salesforce auditing is important. Salesforce Security Audit finds security issues or potential security threats like Malware, of your that could lead to data breach and data theft of your important data from your organization.

Salesforce Security Audit
Salesforce Errors

Salesforce Errors Section

The Errors Section is where you can see a list of issues with your current Salesforce environment, and what you can do to omit them to minimize risks and enhance performance.

The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need

The only Salesforce health check tool which you need to manage your Salesforce’s instance

Easy to Understand

Highlights of your environments are represented in an easy-to-understand interface & shows a Insights that you can grasp in a better way.

Graph-Like Representation

Important data is represented in graphs to get a better understanding of it, within a few minutes, not to mention, visually appealing.

Completely Web Based

No need to install any software. Run everything on the internet which means you don’t need to download anything from any third-party.

Highlights Specific Details

Get a detailed salesforce optimizer report of your under a minute to get a better understanding. Follow the doable steps for a perfect salesforce health check score.

End-to-End Security

Salesforce health check is a secure tool to get your instance scanned without any risk.

Absolutely Free of Cost

Salesforce health checker is free to use and gives accurate results so you can rely on the tool.

Health Check Score Salesforce
Health Check Score Salesforce
Health Check Score Salesforce
Health Check Score Salesforce

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Simon Lobamov, Maple Advance

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