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Frequently Asked Questions


Are you saving my data or code?

We don’t save any code or data in our system so your data is completely safe.

Does your tool modify any data/config?

We don’t modify any data or config and just query the right information to run the analytics.

What is Salesforce instance/org?

A Salesforce instance is the platform provided by Salesforce to access your CRM. You access it via

Is the tool really free?

Yes, we believe in giving back to the society so we are not charging anything for this tool.

Do you fix the errors identified by your tool?

We don’t automatically fix the errors. However we have a team of experts and you can reach out to us to discuss on getting the errors fixed.

What is different between production and sandbox?

Production is your live environment where all your data and code resides. You can also create a sandbox which will be a replica of production to do new development.

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Simon Lobamov, Maple Advance

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